Shut Up Speak Up


2017 Poster Competition selection. The 55 best posters out of 2.561 entries. Designed by various international designers inspired by the theme 'Shut Up, Speak Up'.

Including SSNN (BE), Katerina Puncmannova (CZ), Felix Kosok (DE), Frauke Cordes (DE), Tomaso Marcolla (IT), Mauricio Muratalla (MX), Andrea Ronhaar (NL), Max Senden (NL), Nick Liefhebber (NL), Thomas & Jurgen (NL), Thonik (NL), Dominka Czerniak-Chojnacka (PL), Katarzyna Zapart (PL), Adam Hayes (UK), Callum Dean (UK) and many others.

Design by Trapped in Suburbia
Essay by Dennis Elbers
64 pages, soft cover